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Latest development on CIC’s of NE

Posted by egovindia on July 30, 2006

Original Message –

Subject: Latest development + Resolution of 4th EX Meet >

From: >

Date: Thu, July 27, 2006 12:32 pm

Dear all,

> > Soon after the 4th Ex. Meet of AACICEA at Golaghat following development was made.

> >

1. On 24/7/2006 Dhruba Jyoti Sarma, Vashkar N. Mishra, Nadir hUssain Hazarika and Debendra Hazarika met Minister for Urban and Housing, Sri Dinesg Prasad Goala. Goala Sir instantly invited us to the Assam Assembly on the very next day to meet CM and It Minister.

2. On 25/7/2006 Dhruba J.Sarma, Vashkar N Mishra, Nadir HUssain Hazarijka, Debendra Hazarika and Jawidur Rahman met IT Minister sri Himanta Biswa Sarma and discussed about us. Hon’ble IT Minister told us that Assam Govt. is concerned about us and they are planning for its existence.

3. On 25/7/2006 we again met Rubaiyat sir in his office at Panbazar and discussed about our approach that we need to develop before meeting out Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and as well as the Addl Chief Secretary to the Govt of Assam in this regard.

4. On the same day we then moved to MLA Hostel at Dispur and tried to meet few of the MLAs. But unfortunately all of them were out for a meeting at Assam Assembly. But good news is that Sri Moni Kr Subba has written to the IT dept, Govt of Assam for our regularization in his recognition Letter.

5. On 26/7/2007 Vashkar Mishra, Santanu Sarma, Debendra Hazarika, Utpal deka, Jawidur Rahman tried once more at MLA Hostel. They met Sri Bhupen Bora, Gen. Secy, APCC and discussed our issues. Sri Bora assured us that he will take up the matter with the Chief Minister of Assam

6. Mr Bashab Kalita, Secretary, All Assam Employees Association has given his consent to meet us next Friday between 3-4 PM.

> > Friends every possible effort has been made to achieve our goal. So keep doing your good work and get the Recognition Certificates from the concerned MLAs and MPs as soon as possible.

> > With regards,

> Nadir Hussain Hazarika

> Gen. Secy, AACICEA


CICs to don new name in NE


5 Responses to “Latest development on CIC’s of NE”

  1. egovindia said

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am very much grateful to you for your active co-operation for the
    greater interst of North_East people and its CICs…..But I would aslo
    like to inform you hereby that the decession of the DELHI is not favour of
    North-Eastern People……Earlier it was told you that no one can take
    true decession for Nort-East sitting in AC room far from its
    corner…….So, I hereby request all the NGOs who are trying to take up
    the good infrastructures of CICs in favour of their Businnes not to keep
    open their eyes to wards CICs…..They have to pay much for it……We
    demand the concern state government to provincialise the Job of CIC
    Operators and implement more and more services in CICs so that we may
    bring CICs as revenue department….heard Assam government will take up
    the matter seriously…, you need not to think for CICians…..drop
    your energy on other corner of country….better to think about to keep
    CICs own identity…….CICs will be always CIC……CSC is the other

    Debendra Hazarika
    Organising Secretary
    All Assam CIC Employees Association…..

  2. egovindia said

    Dear Sir,

    It is seen that some people and NGOs trying to tackle the CIC’s
    infrastructures because it has more potentials for community developments.
    But for the last four year of services the softwares developed by NIC for
    e-governance work under developing……CIC Operators the few time argued
    the commanding authority to implement G2C, C2G services through CICs that
    it can be facilitates the 100% of rural people…..But some person in the
    top level goining to merged CIC with some NGOs only…..Mr. Gogoi I think
    you need to pressurise the authority to boost the CICs in their own

    Debendra Hazarika
    a dedicated CICians & responsible Indian

  3. egovindia said

    Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 10:03:59 +0530 (IST)
    Subject: request to clear your stand on cic

    Respected Sir,

    With due respect I would like to inform you that we are reading many
    mails which are written by you on different topics and the link forwarded by
    you. As you are aware of the fact that CIC is approaching on its last
    stage, although the CIC operators has done some great job of IT in the
    North East. now a days we are awaring about CSC. And we know it very
    well that if CSC come into existence than CIC will die.

    Now I am requesting you to please clear your stand on CIC. As your are very much interested in

    And also requesting to clear your stand that what can you do to save
    the CIC in the NE. I hope you will respond soon.

    Thanking you.

    With regards,

    Vaskar N.Misra
    CIC, Lakhipur Dev. Block,
    Cachar, Assam.
    E-mail Id:
    Ph.No.- 03842-284624

  4. egovindia said

    I appeal on behalf of all the 1244 CIC Operators, families and greater rural communities to continue funding by MCIT to CICs make a permanent shape. The DIT also may consider to re-structure CICs as a block level NIC unit under the same ministry and they share fund with the other rural development departments like Panchayat, Rural development, MoNERD, Humar resource developments etc….

    The arguments of exist permanent existence of CICs is –

    1) CIC is only the public (government) run ICT infrastructure in block area.
    2) It helps concern state government’s works to prepare plan & policies.
    3) It is is the only knowledge based platform for all group of rural communities.
    4) Through this CICs public involves in all governments activities either directly or indirectly.
    5) CICs extending computer literacy to the various groups of rural community in a ease mode.
    6) The cost-effective services in CICs helping the poor rural people to test the test of IT.
    7) Helping rural poor people by its e-services like e-marketing, e-share trading, weather information, News, job portals, e-ticketing and other web enabled services to uplift their economic conditions.
    8) Directly 1244 nos. of family getting employment support from government and indirectly CIC’s may assist to more than 5-10 lacs of educated youth as well as livelihoods to set up their own business model.
    9) CICs and its manpower may be uses in all developmental activities of the nations.
    10) As the SWAN will be implemented in every sub-division HQ and state HQ CICs also may keep closer to it. CICs may be utilized by government in the single window systems of e-governance.
    11) The dream of Rajiv Gandhi to netting North-Eastern states by modern technology will be transferred into reality if CICs become block IT hub in NE states.

    This is hereby request to the concern authority to implement more and more ICT enabled services in CICs and extend the infrastructures to other states of the nations. So that, India become IT super power and substantial development will be swifter.

    The Union government should continue funding for CICs and support CICs to permanent existence. The traditional blame of negligence for N-E states by centre is as old as its independence. So, centre should deeply consider this emotional matter for the human resource engaged in it and the future of communities of greater backward area. Because no one can denied that ICT is only the tool for rapid over all growth of a civilized community.

    Tip: TRUE= yet to test the actual Gandhian Panchayati Raj services in India.

    Debendra Hazarika, DETE, MISTE (Ex), PGDIT
    CIC Telahi, Lakhimpur

  5. egovindia said

    To, Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA.

    Respected Sir,

    with reference for various mails regarding regularisation the

    job all the CIC operators

    North East including Sikkim & J & K .

    We are also so happy for your kind anticipation regarding these matter .

    We would inform State Govt & Local MLA for the infrastructure of CIC .

    In this running 4 yrs Govt Nothing handed over any specific works at CIC .

    But Govt utilized all CIC operator in emergency works like BPL, Election ,PMRY ,

    Flood works data computerisation & DRM Etc .

    Regarding all the works done at CIC a Memorundum also submitted in

    State Govt & Local MLA also.

    But nothing any positive results getting from the State Govt. till now.

    That Sir, we would claim to Stae Govt or Central Govt please

    thinks a positive

    attitute featurisation about CIC operator jobs and also inform Govt .

    a specific works handed over at CIC how can succeed rural people .

    With Reg,

    Ajit Kalita.

    CIC Operator.

    Bezera Dev. Block.

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