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Microsoft to be extinct in five years©

Posted by egovindia on July 30, 2006

From: R Singh <>
Date: Sun Jul 30, 2006 12:35 am
Subject: Microsoft to be extinct in five years©

India Rejects One Laptop Per Child  

     –Gates Happy/ Sonawane Not

              — Microsoft to be extinct in five years©



As a WIPO awarded inventor and technology expert I offer my comments here.


It was an eccentric idea from the very beginning. I have seen dry cell battery operated devices that cost only $50 or perhaps less designed for children to carry out tasks like spelling and calculations but in less than 50 to 100 hours of use they are damaged and rendered in operable in over 90% of cases. Exactly similar is the construction of $100 OLPC product.


Going back five decades, recounting my experience under five years in age, I used to dismantle all toys to see what is there in it that propels them or makes sound. Then assemble them to see them work again. In a few days their hinges will fail and components could not be assembled again.


In 2003 I wanted to propose a similar idea of a computer for 5000 million people that cost only $200. Microsoft wanted me to send it by post when I wanted to be considered as a business idea.


In a BBC documentary an Irish CEO of Heinz, made some very interesting remarks. Heinz sold its canned beans under own brand through retail stores for 49p (Pence), 29p at Selfridges store under its own brand, 21p as unbranded in other stores and unbranded at just 11p to schools for their mid day meals.


Biggest stumbling block of computer not available in most households is the high cost of software. Bill Gates has not learnt a thing from Heinz concept of serving the entire spectrum of the market. Microsoft neglected making products for the learners and beginners and developing countries.


This has hurt it badly. Since 2000 when it peaked at share price of $60, Microsoft has now come down to $24 in six year. Though decline is continuous but there are no urgency for diversification.


As a technical expert I too have many innovations that can be patented also, Microsoft will become a very insignificant player in less than five years. Though Bill Gates mocks at the idea of OLPC but Microsoft could be extinct in 5-10 years.


Had Microsoft or LN Mittal or some big investor backed my ideas, Microsoft would be a much reduced player in computer industry.


There are more ideas floating outside corporate than inside. I can safely forecast Microsoft shall be a non entity (Unless it diversify) in five years if not extinct, faster if ideas floating outside get full funding. Had Governments and Financial institutions fully backed outside corporate ideas Microsoft would have been extinct now and world much more technologically advanced than presently.


As I said in the beginning under $50 laptops for children are already in the market for many years as a toy that contributes little to child’s learning of maths or spellings or science and $100 OLPC will also be a toy for children, nothing more. Let poor children first have slate and chalk.


Ravinder Singh


India rejects One Laptop Per Child

But Nigeria says yes

By John Oates

Published Wednesday 26th July 2006 14:17 GMT


India has decided against getting involved in Nicholas Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child scheme – which aims to provide kids in developing countries with a simple $100 machine.


The success of the project depends on support, and big orders, from governments. The loss of such a potentially huge, and relatively technically sophisticated market, will be a serious blow.


The Indian Ministry of Education dismissed the laptop as “pedagogically suspect”. Education Secretary Sudeep Banerjee said: “We cannot visualise a situation for decades when we can go beyone the pilot stage. We need classrooms and teachers more urgently than fancy tools.”


Banerjee said if money were available it would be better spent on existing education plans.


Banerjee told the Hindu: “We do not think that the idea of Prof Negroponte is mature enough to be taken seriously at this stage and no major country is presently following this. Even inside America, there is not much enthusiasm about this.”


OLPC’s original schedule was to deliver machines by the end of 2006, but it will not start production until it has received orders, and payment, for between five and ten million machines.


But in better news it also emerged earlier this month that Nigeria is ordering one million machines. has the story here.


The idea is backed by AMD, Google, MIT, Nortel and Red Hat.


China, India, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria, and Thailand were all named by the OLPC organisation as governments which had expressed an interest.


Fw: HRD rejects One Laptop Per Child

Posted by: “Hemant Sonawane”   sonawaneh

Fri Jul 28, 2006 5:01 pm (PST)

Can U believe this !!?? !!

The Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD), the country’s ministry of education, has rejected the suggestion made by the country’s Planning Commission to take part in the “One Laptop per Child” (OLPC) program.

In a letter sent to the Planning Commission last month Education Secretary Sudeep Banerjee of the Ministry of Human Resource Development stated that the case for giving a computer to every single child was “pedagogically suspect.”

IMHO, following the footsteps of others who served in that position, the so called “Education Secretary” Sudeep Banerjee has axed the nation’s bright future.
Many of those who were eagerly tracking the development of this utopian-scheme as a world-flattener, are shell-shocked, suspended-in-disbelief, at a loss of words…as they say.

Sheer stupidity…. I mean what a retrograde, defeatist way of thinking… I can understand, somehow making-do despite lack-of-resources and stretching whatever’s available. (e.g. being happy with a ceiling fan, if U can’t afford an A/C unit.) But rejecting a wonderful opportunity that comes knocking at the door, is completely irrational & insane. (Rejection of A/C installation, even if it’s costs less than a creaking, groaning, ceiling fan)

The most incredulous thing is…. HRD secy. took upon himself, the executive authority to decide on behalf of the entire nation’s schoolchildren & future citizens. It didn’t matter what the panel of experts felt. The Planning commission’s recommendations were unceremoniously over-ruled by typical Govt-babus throwing their weight around, in an arrogant “I don’t give a damn about who benefits or who loses, as long as X% goes to our secret Swiss-bank account”-manner.

I wonder, what is it about the HRD ministry, that turns seemingly average politicians in to complete morons!!

I try not to sound like another conspiracy-theorist, but is this a protectionist strategy for the sub-standard, backyard, PC-assembler gray-market to thrive, while putting out Rs. 25,000 machines ?(often with cheap Chinese power-units that smoke at the 1st sign of overload).

Everybody knows that a middle-class Indian family that buy’s such a PC on loan, isn’t doing so for the cool factor, but because they want their kids to have an equal opportunity in every sphere, and not feel disadvantaged.

Are we the only ones who felt cheated, betrayed, shocked and nearly boiled-over at Sudeep Banerjee’s response? What do U guys feel about this?

I’m sure China must be rubbing it’s hands in glee, to see yet another instance of Indians shooting their nation in the foot.

Mission accomplished Mr. Sudeep Banerjee !! Congratulations !

—— Hemant IIT-B’95


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