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Posted by egovindia on August 5, 2006

Hi ,

I would agree with whats stated by Rajesh in his mail below -CIC -s have been an wonderful thing to happen.

My first hand experience is people are reaping its benifits in small towns.

Having my friend with a local CIC, whenever I go to my hometown,

I really feel surprised to see the kind of queries that people come up with to the CIC centre:-

questions ranging from Agri info to Education to Medical info.

Its one thing to be cynical about everything and its another to face the heat and work amidst all the obstacles and still retain hope.

Dont know the internal state of affairs of the CIC-s but definitely this is something positive to happen.

Rajesh, indeed an appreciable job by all the cic operators


“Sanjib Phukan” <>


On Sat, 05 Aug 2006 rajesh das wrote :

“rajesh das”,

>I think it is a wrong concept to say that all the grass root level people was not benefited of this.
>Taking an example, in a farmer’s case in our area from which he is able to take benefit from cic’s taking the market price level, many agricultural level information and benefited economically. Another case is an educatd youth taking various firm level information like fishery,poultry ,rubber etc. and starting to get self reliable by cultivating accordingly.
>Recently, one poor farmers boy success to qualify in MAT, and get admitted in ICFAI,CHANDIGARH with the help of cic,he even taking our help to prepare his assignment in our cic.Moreover many of our poor neighbourer ,gourdents, taking help of us and cic to contact their beloved sons,relatives etc.
>Besides all, we help our community people to educate them in the grater technology of computer.Hence, in this sense, we cannot say cic’s is a failure. We should not think it will respose at once.Because we all know mera desh mahan……
>Rajesh Kr. Das
>cic operator,
>Matia, Goalpara, Assam
>— shantikam hazarika <> wrote:
>I think that is just one way of looking at the problem.
>The fact is the CICs are in place and we should try to maximise the benefits from them. May be thay have not benefitted many people, then we have to find out why? After that we should try to remedify the situation.
>The trouble is here we set up facilties and hope things would happen by themselves.
>Shantikam hazarika
> From: “Partha Das” <>
>Greetings from Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society !!!!
> >I would like to bring into notice some of the issues in cobntext of the CIC’s.
> >No doubt CIC’s had been able to bridge a level of technological gap in our societies but What we feel is that its effects had been limited. They had been of help to those who knew how to use this facilities but we have ample resons to believe that its benefits did not filter down to those for whom it was targeted. It is another of those nice schemes of Govt of India which failed to reach its targets.


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