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Value system key to success

Posted by egovindia on August 5, 2006

The Assam Tribune online
Guwahati, Saturday, August 5, 2006

NR Narayan Murthy, Chairman Infosys Technologies Limited delivering his lecture at Assam Engineering College premises in Guwahati on Friday. — UB Pbotos

Value system key to success
By A Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, Aug 4 – The chief of Infosys, NR Narayana Murthy emphasized the importance of value system, learnability, problem solving orientation, and teamwork as some of the major requirements for success in the field of engineering and technology. While addressing students and faculty members of the Assam Engineering College today, he also referred to some points, which would determine whether the tech major could set up a development centre in the State in the near future.

Narayana Murthy was noticeably circumspect while speaking on the prospect of Infosys establishing a development centre in Asom. He cited several requirements, which were determining factors in Infosys having a presence in any region, including efficient air connectivity, adequate telecom bandwith, five star hotels, and high quality schools for children of the work force among others.

Taking part in a lecture-cum-interactive session held to coincide with the start of the Multi Disciplinary Centre initiative in the college campus, Narayana Murthy spoke about the relevance of a multi-pronged approach in engineering and technological pursuits. He was of the belief that the multi-disciplinary approach was essential in a world where no single discipline could solve technological problems on its own.

Repeatedly stressing the need for a good value system, the Infosys chief said that he wanted students and the youth to be focused in their efforts, have a sense of fairness and have speed and imagination.

According to him, logic and communication were two of the abilities, apart from skill sets, which were highly valued by IT companies like Infosys. Teamwork was cited as the other quality that was appreciated in the area of work.

Laying special emphasis on the learnabilty and problem solving abilities of individuals, he said these were of particular pertinence in a world, where change was the only constant.

A notable aspect of Narayana Murthy’s lecture was his insistence on gender parity, and in the question-answer session he insisted that a girl student should raise the first question. He also made certain that female and male students asked questions alternately.

Admiring the sylvan surroundings of the AEC, Narayana Murthy described it as an ideal location for learning to take place. He wanted more students from the college to join Infosys, and hoped that at least 30 students would join his organization during recruitment this year.

Earlier, Sudha Murthy, the head of Infosys Foundation, and wife of Narayana Murthy, in her lecture highlighted gender issues by referring to her personal experiences. She recalled how she had sent a postcard to the legendary JRD Tata taking exception to an advertisement that sought to recruit only male candidates.

Thereafter, she was called for the interview, after which she became the first woman to work in the shop floor of TELCO in Pune. Even after that she had to put in extra effort to probe her expertise as an engineer. She urged female students to have self-confidence and said “you will have to run your marathon on your own terms.”

In her address, she referred to the ancient texts, and on one occasion mentioned that love for fellow beings, forgiveness, and control of the mind were keys to a fruitful life and career. “It is only money with compassion that brings happiness,” she stated.

On the work of the Infosys Foundation, she said that it was active in several parts of the country where Infosys was present. It served the weakest sections in the areas of health and education.

Meanwhile, the Infosys chief, during a meeting with Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, stressed the need for creating an investor-friendly climate in the State for attracting investors in the State. He particularly emphasized the importance of developing a sound transport and communication network in the rural and interior areas.

Meanwhile, the North East Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NECCI) submitted a memorandum to the Infosys chief to “make the presence of Infosys felt in the North-east as the leader of IT so that other could follow.”


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