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Improving eGovernance in INDIA

Delhi to promote e-governance

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Delhi to promote e-governance

New Delhi: The Delhi government has set up a study group to accelerate the process of computerising all its major departments and promote e-governance, Planning and Finance Minister A.K. Walia said Friday.

After a review meeting Friday, Walia instructed senior officers of the departments of trade and taxes, excise and entertainment to expedite computerisation to “utilise e-governance in the true spirit for increasing transparency and efficiency”.

He also ordered the constitution of a study group under the chairmanship of the commissioner trade and taxes to look into the manpower policy. The group will submit its report within a month.

State authorities said that efforts were being intensified to ensure online filing of monthly returns by 6,000 traders. Currently, only 700 key dealers are filing online returns.

Walia has further directed both excise and entertainment departments to conduct a work-study to simplify the issuance of import and transport permits.


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