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DISCOMS have much to hide on privatisation: RWAs

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

DISCOMS have much to hide on privatisation: RWAs

New Delhi, Aug 4: Questioning the non-inclusion of DISCOMS in the Right to Information Act, Resident Welfare Associations of the capital today criticised the NCT government for “trying to shield” the DVB privatisation deal from public scrutiny.

“If the Chief Minister is really so concerned about the empowerment of consumers, why is there silence on the fact that discoms are fighting tooth and nail to be kept out of the ambit of RTI,” said Atul Goyal, an RWA representative.

Residents and RWAs see the RTI as a weapon to force DISCOMS to scrutiny various contentious issues but the attitude of the Delhi Government is not supporting transparency in the issue, he said.

“By seeking to keep itself outside the ambit of RTI, a clear signal has been sent that all is not above board in the privatisation deal and that there is much to hide,” said S P Gupta, general secretary of an RWA.


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