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Who are all involved in the eProcurement Scandle of INDIA.Started in AP State

Posted by egovindia on January 20, 2007

1. GoAP – We have letter from Secretary of IT of GoAP. We will list all of the Secretaries involved. We will name all the people involved. Problems of eGovernance of INDIA all started in AP State. Both Mr. Chandrashekar and Mr. J. Sathyanarayana comes from AP State IAS Cadre. Both have inroad into these things. That is why NISG office is located in Hyderbad. Thye know that NIC and NICSI similar type entities are in New Delhi.

2. MCIT – Transactions lead to Secretary and Joint Secretary of MIT/MCIT. Also current Add’l Secretary Mr. R. Chandrashekar, Mr. Brajesh Kumar,

3. eGovernance Secretary of GoK, Mr. Rajeev Chawla. There is complaint filed with Lokayuktha of Karnataka. Also High Court of Karnataka has admitted a PIL on the eProcurement issue. Rajeev Chawla has cunningly got signed the eProcurement from CM of Karnataka. Did he pay any money to Govt. ? Another Minister tells Rajeev Chawla has paid off the Govt.

4. NIC – The premier eGovernance agency of the country is also involved in eProcurement FRAUD. This has happened by NIC RIGGING the conditions of BIDDING. We have a court case to show for this.

5. CEO of NISG Mr. Sathyanarayana who has promoted C 1 India in all the states of India, BY NISG becoming the sole Consultant to advise the State Govt.’s. We have numerous emails and Letters to this effect.

6. NASSCOM – 51 % partner in NISG. Is also involved in eGovernance FRAUD of the NATION. Where did NASSCOM got money to invest in NISG ? NASSCOM is an Association of IT Companies.

7. UNDP – Who has funded NISG. UNDP has not done any audit of NISG for the funds invested in NISG. UNDP is covering all the issues with NISG. UNDP is also leading CORRUPTION in eGovernance in INDIA.
8. Govt. of INDIA – How did GoI invested in NISG without proper approval by the committee?. How did Govt. Secretaries made UNDP to invest in NISG without proper documents and approval from GoI.

Mr. R. Chandrashekar

Mr. J. Sathyanarayana

Mr. Rajeev Chawla

Mr. Brajesh Kumar

Mrs. Maxine Olsen – UNDP

C 1 INDIA Company



List will grow !!!!!


One Response to “Who are all involved in the eProcurement Scandle of INDIA.Started in AP State”

  1. ets7 said

    a big corruption is on making in madhya ptradesh e-tendering project of MAP_IT. this tender is awarded using all the illegal and unethical meausres on 2 tender basis. whereas more than 5 known players are there in india.

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