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My five point agenda to curb corruption practices in India by Vavani Sarmah

Posted by egovindia on January 21, 2007

 My five point agenda to curb corruption practices in India by Vavani Sarmah

For last decade India’s development and progress is significant. India positioned itself for a prospective developed nation in the world by this century. GDP increases and it has been predicted that GDP will grow up to $17,000 by 2015. Still in case of corruption, India’s existing systems is one of the corrupted in the entire world. Common people are the victims of this corruption. People need to bribe officials for any small thing to work. My five point agenda to curb corruption –


1)     Tough government regulation is the key to curb this practices among its officials. We need a law to make sure that if any official found guilty on bribery, action to be taken like

i)         First thing is to confiscate his/her PF or pension fund forever.

ii)       Pay fines upfront then proof not guilty and get the paid fine back

iii)      Temporary or permanent present of CBI/anti-corruption representative in the most vulnerable departments

iv)      Yearly town hall meeting to make awareness among its employeeàhigh lighting departmental mission, product and services.

(By productàmore job creation for those departments, increase of government fund, improve employee morale)

2)     Systems need to be improved in such a way, so that common public interaction becomes very minimal and becomes window base system with most of the government departments where possible. And office environment needs to be improved so that every transaction becomes more transparent. Officers to interact with common public through a counter like in Bank. Officers in the other side of the window. (By productàLess traffic to the department result more productive work for the officers)

3)       Identify most corrupted departments and points and install CCTV or surveillance camera which will be run and operate by third party preferably private sector participation. CCTV/ surveillance camera records will be analysed and monitor by other government departments like Anti-Corruption, CBI etc. (By productàJob creation for private sector, revenue stream for CBI or anti-corruption department etc)

4)     Introduce one mandatory chapter against corruption and its consequence and available law in the country in class 8th standards social study book sooner than later to make awareness among the prospective citizen of our country.(By productàbooks with more information)

5)     Identify each and every department’s products and services and time takes for each services and mandatory display in public places for whole year and published once in a year in one popular daily newspaper. (By productàrevenue stream for Newspaper industry)

Vavani Sarmah

Seattle, USA

Sat, 20 Jan 2007

“Vavani Sarmah” <>


2 Responses to “My five point agenda to curb corruption practices in India by Vavani Sarmah”

  1. krisdev said

    Eradicate evil of corruption for all round peace and prosperity:

    Corruption is a cancer eating into the vitals of our society. It does not allow the under developed and developing nations to transcend and become developed nations. Most developing countries are doing well on many fronts – except tackling corruption – which in turn affects many development projects and impacts the grassroots by depriving the marginalized of essential benefits.

    The rich are growing richer at the cost of the poor. What is needed is a one-stop solution for solving the evil of Corruption. The solution has to change the face of our society and take it from the downward path to one of upward growth.

    One ideal solution would be, to register every citizen uniquely using their biometric (all finger prints, all fingers or palm vein) and issue a Multi Purpose Biometric Smart Card cum Debit Card, linked to a Cashless Money Account for making valid all transactions and making it public on the web.

    Suitable ‘e-Administration’ tool should be available for tracking all communications and transactions by anyone anywhere. Total transparency and accountability needs to be made a way of life. This would deter us from doing any thing on the sly. This would minimize corruption, to the point of eliminating it.

    We need to create a new world order, a level playing field, where every citizen has an equality of opportunity, to explore his / her / their potentials to the maximum.

    This would encourage everyone to contribute their mite for the growth of the community and society at large without impeding the growth of others.

    More on anti-corruption initiatives at:

  2. An ideal concept which will never do anything. From starting of my life, it had been taught that we should follow traffic lights. Even in the starting of my life, I use to walk on left part of road & not on right part.

    But, today except the seat belts, I break almost every traffic rule. This is not my case but everyone do similar things. So, it’s a waste to teach in class 8th.

    Another question, how to identify, which department is the most corrupt one? I know, I have an answer. No need to identify, every department is same. ALL.

    Finally, who will write materials for the article that will get published in the newspaper? Me, you or a government employee!

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