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Shocking to know that NIC can also leverage to play with Public Fund in name of deployment of e-Governance & e-Procurement

Posted by egovindia on January 21, 2007

I Invite eGovINDIA Group attention on implementing the Basic step towards e-Governance is to

1. Publish all Tendering Procedures at least initially in space of e-Governance.

2. There was a Tender from DOIT&C, Rajashthan for requirement of e-Procurement application Software for entire state. They had published the draft RFP and invited suggestion from all concerns for one month later they concluded and finalized it with a rock bottom price of The Best e-Procurement Application software with source code, Time will speak. We should appreciate the DOIT&C style of working, DOIT&C has got a professional style of working and you will find their dedication and hardworking attitude to bring in Transparency, We need several contributor like them for our e-Governance initiative. NIC should take a lesson out of it towards Transparency.

3. NIC had also invited a Tender far earlier compared to DOIT&C but appears to be working like NISG or in line of Bangalore One.

4. If you visit you will find that Andhra Pradesh is to implement ver2 of e-Procurement software and now it will be PKI enabled and will use Digital Signature and hence comply by Indian IT Act 2000. This Act is in existent since when e-Procurement in Andhra Pradesh was started, why this violation of security Breach and an open space to play around and conduct misappropriation with Public Fund (Rs. 15000/- Crore). Is their CVC, Act implementors, Technology experts like NISG, APTS, Deptt of IT, A.P. is not aware. A very serious concern of Public Fund utilization. Should it not be investigated and why the open Violation of IT Act is being egnored. In turn another Service Provider in India had enabled first e-Tender using Digital Signature in July 2003 (ensuring that technology was available)

5. I`m attaching few write ups for your attention and few documents for your ready refrence

6. I`m writing this to consider your concern and great expectation from NIC so as by us also, me do have very high regards and respect for NIC and its contribution in bringing us at par with any developed countries in space of ICT, but with this we should not loose our Grip and Accountability towards our Nation in Building Robust.

7. A brief on the Tendering Procedure for the same e-Procurement software invited by NIC for your reveiew. This award appears to be at a very exorbitant price, as we have already had a lot discussion in our group about the misuse of Public Fund in Andhra Pradesh, and also to remind you it is evident that NISG appears to be Mentor to C1 (Wellknown fact), i pray if NIC should not be, the following points will clarify:

Shocking to know that NIC can also leverage to play with Public Fund in name of deployment of e-Governance & e-Procurement

This is in reference to the article published on the website:

stating that NIC is all set to go for an eProcurement system. We were actually waiting a good and transparent initiative from NIC to minimize the unfair practices in Public Procurement System and thus help Central Vigilence Commission who depends on NIC for ICT initiatives. The Tendering process of NIC for awarding the e-Procurement Application Software work order itself does not fulfil transparency and due diligence in finalizing a very sensitive IT application which can play around with much suffered and much needed Public Fund for over all Growth of our Nation.

Few points to be highlighted about the said procedure, check the same and set up a review commiittee and avoid doing a sin with Public Fund.

1. On what grounds, parameters proposed Vendors were shortlisted and Qualified or disqualified?

2. It was evidence that The Technical Reveiew Committee comprising of 7-8 members were not present during the Technical presentations? only 2-3 were present of the core committee members only and rest could have managed to get the signature on minutes of meeting later? This shows seriousness and concern of an Organization like NIC about the belief in Transparent Public Procurement System

3. The Technical Committee members visited Onsite places like Assam & Andhra Pradesh to review the existing system of the Vendors proposed e-Procurement application but not with all other qualified vendors during Technical evaluation? Why?

4. As per the News C1 was selected as awarded is very much schocking for one single reason, in the Tender Requirement, Security aspects were mandatory as per Indian IT Act 2000, and at that point of time in Andhra Pradesh the use of Digital Signature was not in place (It is to be effected from 1st march 2005 onwards, see , had the Technical Committee members dream out about its availability(Obvious as they could be sleeping). A serious concern, this mockery with Indian IT Act 2000 is a issue before Government of Andhra Pradesh and our honourable court to notice if openly Acts could be taken for ride even on the concern of serious misapproapriation with Public Fund.

5. The other partner PWC alongwith C1 had its bad name in practicising unethical and non-Transparent practices for Public Procurement System as the case is pending in court about “Transmission Right of Cricket Match, tender invited by BCCI)

6. It is evident first by selecting a very expensive application to profit service provider is again a misappropriation with Public Fund, second compromising on Security aspect is to Lead abundant misappropriation with Public Fund in future and top of the same with duly certified by NIC. (We suggest NIC as being qualified and working since 1976 in favor of nation should first do a Security Audit for about Rs. 15000/- crore worth of Procurement done in Andhra Pradesh and also take cognizence as why An Indian Act (IT Act 2000) was Violated and then decide who is been chosen to trigger the National Growth.

7. Can i ask NIC to publish the detailed Tendering Procedure?

8. Similar case again had happened with DGS&D for selecting C1 to be the e-Procurement service provider, If DGS&D can publish details about selection procedure?

9. MCD had recently invited a Tender for e-Procurement on ASP basis and can you believe the final order is at what price, schoking price of Rs. 500/- per Tender and that is too from a respectful company ie; Wipro, so it is evident that e-Procurement is available at bottom price, so should it not be misaprropriation with the Public Fund.

10. I invite eGovINDIA Group attention in these lines so as of Dr N Vijayaditya


One Response to “Shocking to know that NIC can also leverage to play with Public Fund in name of deployment of e-Governance & e-Procurement”

  1. ets7 said

    Corruption in Madhya Pradesh E-Procurement Project

    Regarding M.P. e-procurement project I can say that it is a bundle of irregularities and corruption and a CBI Inquiry needs to be done. This will also disclose the nexus between government officers and IT companies. Huge irregularity has taken place in M.P. e-tendering/ procurement tender. I also believe that it is high time that Hon’ble Supreme Court/ Lokayukt should interfere and take a suo moto decision. If Hon’ble Supreme Court/ Lokayukt/ takes some decision certainly there will a lot of people who would come forward and expose this corrupt nexus.
    It is very surprising how can Monopoly be given to do e-tendering to a single company. Isn’t this a unfair trade practice? Is ministry of company affairs reading this?
    government of madhya Pradesh is promoting corruption through this system. Somebody must come forward and file a PIl against this e-tendering system. this project is awarded against 2 tenders which is absolutely unethical wheredas more than 5 recognized players are available in India. What and who stopped them to participate in the tender of e-tendering published by MAP_IT needs to be probed by CBI.
    If Hon’ble chief Minister and chief Secretary of the state do not order an inquiry against this project. It will be assumed they are also involved in this irregularity and are deliberately overlooking serious irregularity commited in this tender. Shame on BJP government for promoting and mentoring this type of corrupt practices.
    E-Tendering / procurement is adopted to bring transparency, provide equal opportunity, arrest cartel formation and eradicate corruption. and surprisingly all of the above objectives have been outrightly violated in this tender.
    I request all who can stand up against this corruption/ irregularity to come forward. You will see a lot of people joining you.
    Please save Madhya Pradesh (Heart of India) from this evil forces. Whoever loves his country and state should come forward and protest.
    I think this is the same company who is involved in unfair trade practices by quoting different price to different governments for the same product/ project to curb competition. this is typical case for MCA. different price for PWD chhattisgarh, Assam, MCD and Madhya Pradesh.
    How can this type of thing happpen in year 2007 with RTI in place. I suggest file RTI in all the above government department and then take legal action. I will also write to goverment on this unfair trade practice. Let’s be a part of this movement. Free corruption from e-procurement projects.
    What is the harm in CBI inquiry let the truth come out. e-procurement in madhya pradesh was always in controversy. particularly bidders were not allowed to participate by putting restrictive criteria and by increasing EMD and document fee by 10 times. It seems the officer incharge is certainly involved in this. lokayukt must start an investigation if not CBI or best would be a Public Interst litigation in Supreme Court against MAP_IT department for promoting unfair trade practice and encouraging monopoly.

    I am sure if a neutral inquiry is ordered some very serious corrupt practices and nexus will be exposed.

    A BIG scam in Chhattisgarh PWD e-tendering project is already there.

    Let’s see who bells the cat first?

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