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Linux System & Kernel Programming Training from Professionals.

Posted by egovindia on November 3, 2007

Linux System & Kernel Programming Training from Professionals.

Linux System and Device Driver Programming training is one of flagship
training solutions offered by Concepts Systems.
This training has become special one due to Concepts faculties having
experience in File Systems, Storage and Embedded Space.

Course Highlights:

Linux System Programming:
Operating Systems Basics
– System Calls for I/O
– Multithreading and Synchronization
– Interprocess communication
– Memory Management
– Memory mapped files
– UNIX/ POSIX files and File Systems
– Pipes

Detail syllabus is available at
http://www.concepts Pdf/LinuxSysPro. pdf

Linux Kernel Programming
– Intel x86 Fundamentals
– Linux Kernel source tree
– Character, Block device drivers
– Memory Management
– System Call hooking
– Kernel Threading and synchronization
– Virtual File System driver

Detail syllabus is available at
http://www.concepts Pdf/LDD.pdf

Starting Date: Saturday, November 18,2007.
Duration: 1.5 months each module.
Days & Timings: Saturday and Sunday, 3 Hours Per day.

Concepts Systems, Pune.

Registration: We encourage you to register at the earliest since there
are limited seats.

If you have any queries feel free to call us on 020-24216888 /
9960638738 Or mail us at training@conceptssy

About Us:
Concepts Systems is Pune based Training Consultancy having expertise
in core systems.
Concepts already has many leading software companies like EMC, HP,
Nvidia, Oracle India, KPIT Cummins etc. as its clients.
Systems Technology Experts having Industry exposure forms backbone of
Concepts Training Division.

Concepts Systems has remarkable history of guiding projects in core
Concepts sponsored projects have been doing very well at various
software competitions having won the Prizes at IIT Techfest,
MIT, Modern, VIT, PICT-Concepts etc.

For more information please visit our website http://www.conceptssys. com

Thanks & Regards,
Concepts Systems.


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