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Posted by egovindia on November 4, 2007


Vikram Simha <> wrote:

Dear Editor ,

Greetings From Mahithi Hakku Adayayana Kendra , Bangalore . We are an Right to information Study  Centre engaged in study of RTI its Impact on Good Governance Etc .,

We are Really Surprised see the contents of this Article in Your Sunday Herald Front Page as a few articles in your Paper in earlier editions also .

We Enclose herewith a Resrve Bank Of India Circular DBOD?/P/BC/No33/08 /12/01/07-08 RBI 07-08 -138 which is Self Explanatory ,

The RBI already in the Light of the Delhi High Court Rulings and Orders has called upon all Banks that Loans Should Not be Given to Unauthorised Stuctures  and should Obtain an Undertaking from each Borrower That the Building Coming Up is an authorised Structure .

If This Circular of RBI is Kept as the Base (which Ought to be) All the Banks As Listed out by BBMP Deputy Commissioner Vasanth Rao  are Committing An serious Offence in having Violated the RBI Guide lines in Full Knowledge that the Loan that they are Now Financing to an Unauthorised Structure which has vilaoted the Local and Other Laws .

This will tanamount to Aiding and Abetting Viloation of Several Laws of the Land Such As KMC Act , Indian Electricity Act ,etc ., as also directions of RBI .

We would like to known whether these Banks have got Such Permission from RBI which vilolates the Constitutional Gaurantee of Privacy , Air and Light .

We Request you that Our Protest May Please be Published In your Columns so that A Major Blunder is not Committed .

We also Taken thisMatter with RBI , finance Ministry , Indian Banks association  and GOK

With Regards


N vikramsimha , KRIA Katte , #12 Sumeru Sir M N Krishna Rao Road , Basvangudi < Bangalore 560004.


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