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Use space technology and IT for rural development

Posted by egovindia on December 2, 2007

Use space technology and IT for rural development
New Delhi, PTI:
The Administrative Reforms Commission has recommended the use of space technology and global information systems by local bodies in villages and cities to hasten growth and increase efficiency and transparency in services. “Local governments should become one point service centres for providing various web-based and satellite based services,” the Commission said

In the latest recommendations submitted to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, the Commission headed by Veerappa Moily cited the example of Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh and Qatar, a Middle East nation which saw explosive growth of infrastructure in last two decades, which have used space technology for growth.

“Space technology should be harnessed by the local bodies to create an information base and for providing services,” the Commission said in its report ‘Local Governance’.

“Local governments should become one point service centres for providing various web-based and satellite based services,” the Commission said, adding, “This would, however, require capacity building in the local governments.”

While making recommendation for a wider use of space technology, earth observation (EO) and global information system (GIS), the Commission noted with satisfaction that India was “taking lead” in putting the finest of space technology, including SatCom (satellite communication) and EO, into effective use at the grass root level of development.

The Commission observed the Madhya Pradesh government successfully harnessed space technology under Jhabua Development Communication Project(JDCP) and created a network of 150 direct reception terminals in 150 villages and 12 at the block headquarters.

The areas addressed under the overall umbrella of developmental communication included watershed development, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, women and child care, education and Panchayat Raj.

Qatar, a country of 5,22,000 people in the Gulf, is the first country to implement a comprehensive and integrated nation-wide GIS, the commission noted in its report.

“Today, Qatar’s state-of-the-art Digital Topographic Database provides a common base map for 16 government agencies through a high speed, fibre optic network,” the Commission said.

“The government saves money in delivering services like sewerage, electricity and water through a linked, up-to-date databases. Digital maps and locators allow fire trucks and ambulances to rapidly respond to emergencies,” the Commission pointed out.

Remote sensing has provided an important source of data for urban land use mapping and environment monitoring, and in fact ISRO’s CARTOSAT-2 satellite can map the terrain with one metre spatial resolution.

“Such imagery could be used by the local bodies in urban infrastructure and transportation system planning, monitoring and implementation, mapping individual settlements and internal roads, urban complexes and urban utilities,” the Commission noted in its report.

GIS-based studies for planning has been conducted on a few cities such as Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Lucknow, and Bangalore and the same could be extended to other cities and villages, the Commission observed.

It said these studies have “demonstrated the utility of multi-parameter database” in arriving at the useful guidelines for planning.

“Specifically, the remote sensing data can be used for urban land use, sprawl and suitability analysis for preparation of regional plans and preparation of existing and proposed land use,” the Commission pointed out.

The report also emphasised the increase use of information technology in order to reduce contact between the cutting edge functionaries and citizens.

“Information and communication technology should be utilised by the local governments in process simplification, enhancing transparency and accountability and providing delivery of services through single window,” the report said.


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