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Mr. C. Umashankar IAS as MD of ELCOT achieved..

Posted by egovindia on December 18, 2007

ELCOT – Electronic Corporation of TamilNadu, … on youtube

It is great to see how staff have adopted to the new system. It is a commendable job to get them trained and make them accept, given the fact that motivation to do so would have been very low. Kudos to ELCOT and the Leadership to have taken this forward. Hope ELCOT can arrange for a fair or seminar to promote this in other states.

Linux free software for the blind,ELCOT’s efforts News clips

True Vision – Ubuntu Linux and ORCA for visually challenged ELCOT

ELCOT’s success story of Suse linux migration

Mr. Umashankar, IAS, MD of ELCOT, Interview on OSS by Hindu Businessline dated 19th Feb 07
http://www.thehindu businessline. com/ew/2007/ 02/19/stories/ 2007021900130400 .htm

Can Tamil Nadu Live Without Microsoft?


One Response to “Mr. C. Umashankar IAS as MD of ELCOT achieved..”

  1. but i heard that only within ELCOT quarters linux has been adopted and it is yet to put to use in other TN govt offices?

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