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What is e-governance? Why Bangalore One cannot be considered e-governance? By Mr. C. Umashankar IAS

Posted by egovindia on December 18, 2007

What is e-governance? And why Bangalore one is  not e-governance?


Author: C.Umashankar IAS.,

Date: 17-3-05


What is e-governance? And why Bangalore one is  not e-governance?

Under e-governance scenario, the Government and its citizens/business houses should be able to transact all their activities or at least majority of activities without meeting each other using Information technology tools such as internet, public kiosks etc.

For example, when a citizen wants to get a ration card, he/she should be able to apply and get the ration card without physically going to the Taluka office. Similarly, when a widow wants to get a widow pension she should be able to get it by applying through the village or block level internet centre.

Or, a farmer wanting to get a land extract / cultivation extract should be able to do it without going to any government official through the internet or public kiosks.

Going to the Government offices and waiting there to get these services should be only an optional one. The citizens should have a choice of going to the internet centres or the government offices to get their works done with the Government.


This can be achieved only through the following steps:

1. Government offices should be computerised using online workflow procedure. That means all the paper based registers have to be given up and all government works have to be carried out only through computers.

2. All Government employees working in the areas where e-governance is proposed have to be computer trained and each one should be given user ID and password to operate the system.

3. All these government employees have to be trained in their area of operation in the software.

4. The Government servers should be connected to the internet so that the citizens   and business houses are enabled to access the Government information at any time and also enabled to file all their requests/applications online. The scope for meeting government officials should be reduced to the  extent that only where statutorily  such physical presence is required they  should be asked to meet the government officials.

5. All applications or requests from citizens/business houses should be received only through online procedure using internet as medium.

6. STD booths or similar public kiosks should be authorised to intermediate between the citizens and the government. This includes online remittance facility too.


A similar facility should be made available to the business houses too.

Why Bangalore One cannot be considered e-governance?


None of the above 6 parameters mentioned above are proposed to be built in Bangalore One.

  1. Bangalore one does not offer any e-governance service. It is a mechanism to do collection of various remittances such as BSNL telephone bill, electricity bill, water taxes, property taxes etc. No citizen can file his/her application for any government services online. Bill collection and e-governance are two different areas.
  2. Bangalore one does not intend to bring computers to government offices. Nor does it want to bring in online automation in government offices.
  3. Bangalore one does not look at Government servants to get involved in the project. It relies only on private partners to do bill collection.
  4. Bangalore one does not have any scope to provide service to the poor people.
  5. Bangalore one does not have scope to provide service to the rural/urban women self help groups.
  6. Bangalore one has nothing for the farmers and people living in rural areas.
  7. Bangalore one does not aim at reducing corruption in Government offices.
  8. Bangalore one does not envisage empowering the citizens, women or socially oppressed classes such as dalits.
  9. A typical e-governance project should free the citizens from the corrupt government officials and make them feel free and empowered. Bangalore one does not have any scope for reducing corruption or empowering women, rural citizens, dalits, farmers and SHGs.
  10. The user charges payable to the private company will be on permanent basis. The Government neither owns the bill collection software nor will it ever own it. It is a fraud on the people of Karnataka.
  11. Bangalore one is intended to benefit only the private partners and possibly for the officials who have master minded it. There is a distinct possibility that the officials involved in Bangalore one might have agreed to promote it for a  percentage of commission from the Bangalore One revenue. For this commission they seem to claim that Bangalore one is an e-governance project whereas it is not an e-governance project.


Bangalore one is a fraud that is being imposed on the people of Karnataka.



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