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Unbelievable Act of World Bank

Posted by egovindia on July 4, 2006

Unbelievable Act of World Bank

From: “drverma” <
CC:,, “Rsinha” <>
Subject: Unbelievable Act of World Bank
Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2006 11:36:17 +0530

Dear Mr. Bhavnani,

Today morning i had an ultimate bitter taste of my coffee sip while reading a news of World Bank as linked below




Before patronizing/glamourizing a SCAM you would have done some Homework on your own or through your investigating agencies. Should we believe that World Bank has lost the basic motive of the Millenium Development Goal or eGovernance at large.

I had earlier informed the person incharged in World Bank Mr. Knut Leipold about the facts of eProcurement being practiced in Andhra Pradesh, India long back and had requested him to assign suitable time what other good inititaives had been taken in India The Best Practice Real eProcurement in India but since then I’m waiting for his confirmation.

You are requested to read the following link to understand the other side story of SCAM in the name of eProcurement in Andhra Pradesh, India –

The above mentioned story tells the real truth of a bog scam in the name of eGovernance (eProcurement) in Andhra Pradesh and other similar to other parts of India.

The representation had been lodged to all the confirmed officials in Andhra Pradesh and GoI, but nothing has happened till now and as a sheer surprise World Bank is validating a SCAM and glorifying it to the World for practicing something opposite to the motive of World Bank initiatives.

While pursuing it with the GoAP and GoI officials we concluded that they might have been working Hands in Glove with this SCAM but to our Ultimate surprise WORLD BANK could not even distnaced themselves of the similar apprehension.

Investigate the Corruption and inappropriate eProcurement charges got established while exchanging communication with the GoAP and APTS the implementing agency.

Why it had violated the IT Act 2000 till 2005?

You mention in the case study of such report that “Encryption of data is happening on Server” what happens when it arrives on the server? did it not arrive in clear text on server? did the system administrator do not have access to these data?

a lot other you will find when reading the represented “eProcurement SCAM in Andhra Pradesh” Link.


Had I skipped this News today?

For Global Citizen’s shake investigate it properly and request GoI for penalizing all the guilty and culprits of this nature of affair.

As a request to Mr. Knut Leipold – I’m still waiting to demonstrate the real eProcurement system in practice for which MDBs had drafted a guideline. Please assign us your valuable time.

Thanks & Regards

Dr. Manoj Verma

+ 919376128329


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