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press release on North East Vision 2020

Posted by egovindia on November 2, 2007

press release on North East Vision 2020

End the Vision 2020

Press Release

A Vision of our ancestors, that has brought us this far. The people vision together, with changing times the Vision adapts, resist, modify, but it remains with the people. It leads them to future but is never devoid of the past but progresses from them. They are sacred and life in itself, and sustains through the forces that impinges on to them. It is collective and the people moves with it.

But in our time, our vision is being written and directed, not by the people themselves but people from outside, those powerful forces that have been haunting us all these while. It is for all of us to ask, should we leave our future to be envisioned to a few authors who are not even known to us. Has the life force that dwelt within us disappeared beyond recall?

The first thing that will strike any reader of this Vision 2020 document is the list of authorial figures looming (and rather lurking) large all over. These are 6 authors with an additional 6 research associates. Out of 6 authors only one seem to be from Assam, while the rest from outside the region. All the 6 research associates are too from outside the region. This is an insult, and is clearly reflected in the introduction where they mentioned that the region (and hence its people) are backward and hence cannot think or vision for themselves. This is an insult to our ancestors, our traditional institutions, our revolutionaries, our academics and the people as a whole.

NEC and MDONER needs to explain to the people of NE why our Vision has been handed to a few people from outside the region. A Vision – if at all, needs to be laid down in writing – has to be written and agreed by all communities inhabiting the region. Few consultants or authors have no right whatsoever to write a Vision for the peoples of North East.

Since the British and then with India, the peoples of NE have suffered. Our ‘borders’ were nationalized, our decades of relation with our own people now across the border are de-linked, the cultural and economic ties were cut off. Our political institutions were not even respected. What kind of vision are we now supposed to adopt? The Vision document never ever mentions what has been destroyed and the process of its destruction? Never ever makes an effort to truly talk about the aspirations, the struggles, sacrifices and the visions that accompany them.

Not only that document is also historically wrong in saying that it was India’s partition, it is also not historically or politically correct to fully blame the partition as the reason for the situation in North East. While traditional trade routes might have been closed with Bangladesh there are more borders with Tibet, Bhutan and Burma where close linkages were also closed that suffocates the NE. In other words, partition was not the prime cause of what killed NE but more primarily the annexation of NE that has resulted in

Dear all
Please find the Press Release of River Basin Friends on the North East Vision 2020 and the consultation happening tomorrow in Shillong and Imphal.

Also see the dates for similar hearing in different locations in NE
Schedule of Public Hearing for Vision – 2020
Name of Place
Name of Person conducting the Public Hearing
Phone Number

Name of NEC Nodal Officer
Telephone Numbers of Officer
Email Address
Dr.(Mrs) I K Barthakur, Member NEC
07 Nov
Dr.Binay Singh
Dr.Gautam Naresh,NIPFP
06 Nov
Shri N.J.Sharma, Adviser(IFC&WSM)
09856003846 (M)
09864032001 (M)
Dr.(Mrs) Mahfuza Rahman
06 Nov
Dr.Binay Singh,Adv(Agri/Hort) & Shri Gautam Roy,AE
Shri BG Verghese
01 Nov
Shri MS Sodhi,
Shri C.J. Thomas
06 Nov
Ms. Anuradha Bhasin,NIPFP
29th Oct
Shri PK Deb
I/c Adviser (Power) &
SE (T&C)
0364-2522673 (0)
0364-2522653 (0)
0363-2521942 (R)
09863063094 (M)
09436101974 (M)
Shri Falguni Rajkumar, Secretary,NEC
02 Nov
Shri D.Khound,IES
Director (E&M)
Mrs.Sushma Singh, Secretary,DoNER / Prof.Lama
17th Nov

Shri N.J.Sharma, Adviser(IFC&WSM)
0364-2522670 (0)
0364-2520705 (R)
09856003846 (M)
09864032001 (M)

Shri PP Srivastav
05 Nov
Shri D.Khound,IES
Director (E&M)
Dr.M.Govinda Rao
07 Nov
Shri PK Deb
I/c Adviser (Power) &
SE (T&C)
0364-2522673 (0)
0364-2522653 (0)
0363-2521942 (R)
09863063094 (M)
09436101974 (M)
Shri HV Lalringa / Shri Alokesh Baruah
07 Nov
Shri H.
Vanlalhluta, IA&AS, Financial Adviser
Dr.Gautam Naresh,NIPFP
02 Nov
Shri T.K. Hangzo,IDAS
Dy. Financial Adviser
0364-2522660 (0)
09436105385 (M)
09863021730 (M)


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CIC operators of Darrang Dist, Assam,showed Online Teleconsultancy Session between Farmers and Agricultural Scientist

Posted by egovindia on January 20, 2007

It is a matter of great pleasure that we the CIC operators of undivided
Darrang district showed a Service of Online Teleconsultancy Session
between Farmers and Agricultural Scientist in the Exhibition held at
Dhula, a remote Agriculture based village of Darrang Dist, Assam, on 
5th & 6th January,2007.

In this session there were about 20 nos. of Farmers interacted through
internet availed the infrustructure by the CIC operators of Darrang 

The name of benefited farmers through the programme as follows :

1. Abul Kasem, Vill.- No.3 Thekerabari, P.O. Balabari, Darrang Dist.,
2. Patiram Muchahari, Vill. & P.O.-Bhakatpara, Darrang Dist., 

3. Habibur Rahman,, Vill.- Khataniapara, P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., 

4. Anowar Hussain, Vill.- Pachim Kamarpara, P.O.- Kharupetia, Darrang
5. Eunus Ali, Vill.- Khataniapara, P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., 

6. Abdul Majid, Vill.- No.3 Thekerabari, P.O. Balabari, Darrang Dist.
7. Joran Brahma, Vill.- No.1 Mazgaon, P.o.-Bhakatpara, Udalguri Dist. 
8. Ishab Ali, Vill.- Paniakhat, P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., Assam.

9. Chandu Ali, Vill.- Ondulajhar,P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., Assam. 
10. Rejaul Haque, Vill.- Paniakhat, P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., Assam. 
 11. Hasen Ali, Vill.- Kajia Char, P.O. Mangaldai, Darrang Dist., Assam. 
12. Ibrahim Ali, Vill.- Ondulajhar,P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., Assam. 
13. Kamaluddin Ahmed, Vill.- Hirapara, P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., Assam.
14. Hiren Deka, Vill.- Hirapara, P.O. Dhula, Darrang Dist., Assam. 
15. Latifur Rahman, Vill.- K.Bandia, P.O.- Mangaldai, Darrang Dist., Assam.

The Following Scientist & Agri Expert were pleased to answer the 
above farmer's questions.

1. Mr. Nripen Medhi, Agricultural Pathological Expert, Ulubari Bio
Chemical Laboratory, Guwahati, Assam.

2. Md. Abdul Baten Chaudhury, Agricultural Dev. Officer, Rani, Kamrup
Dist., Assam.

3. Mr. Khagen Sarma, Agricultural Dev. Officer, Bhakatpara, Dalgaon
Circle, Darrang Dist.

In this programme the Hon'ble Agricultural Minister,Assam,  Mrs. 
Pramila Rani Brahma was participated and encouraged the farmers to take the
opporunity of this type of service of IT in near future.

The Farmers were delightly confessed their this type of wonderful
experience of this programme.

Thanking you, sir.
With regards
For & onbehalf of CIC operators,Darrang Dist.

Nitu Nath, CIC operator,
Dhula, Darrang, Assam.


interaction.JPG interaction1.JPGinteraction3.JPG

minister1.jpg   minister3.jpg

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CIC operators

Posted by egovindia on August 5, 2006

Hi ,

I would agree with whats stated by Rajesh in his mail below -CIC -s have been an wonderful thing to happen.

My first hand experience is people are reaping its benifits in small towns.

Having my friend with a local CIC, whenever I go to my hometown,

I really feel surprised to see the kind of queries that people come up with to the CIC centre:-

questions ranging from Agri info to Education to Medical info.

Its one thing to be cynical about everything and its another to face the heat and work amidst all the obstacles and still retain hope.

Dont know the internal state of affairs of the CIC-s but definitely this is something positive to happen.

Rajesh, indeed an appreciable job by all the cic operators


“Sanjib Phukan” <>


On Sat, 05 Aug 2006 rajesh das wrote :

“rajesh das”,

>I think it is a wrong concept to say that all the grass root level people was not benefited of this.
>Taking an example, in a farmer’s case in our area from which he is able to take benefit from cic’s taking the market price level, many agricultural level information and benefited economically. Another case is an educatd youth taking various firm level information like fishery,poultry ,rubber etc. and starting to get self reliable by cultivating accordingly.
>Recently, one poor farmers boy success to qualify in MAT, and get admitted in ICFAI,CHANDIGARH with the help of cic,he even taking our help to prepare his assignment in our cic.Moreover many of our poor neighbourer ,gourdents, taking help of us and cic to contact their beloved sons,relatives etc.
>Besides all, we help our community people to educate them in the grater technology of computer.Hence, in this sense, we cannot say cic’s is a failure. We should not think it will respose at once.Because we all know mera desh mahan……
>Rajesh Kr. Das
>cic operator,
>Matia, Goalpara, Assam
>— shantikam hazarika <> wrote:
>I think that is just one way of looking at the problem.
>The fact is the CICs are in place and we should try to maximise the benefits from them. May be thay have not benefitted many people, then we have to find out why? After that we should try to remedify the situation.
>The trouble is here we set up facilties and hope things would happen by themselves.
>Shantikam hazarika
> From: “Partha Das” <>
>Greetings from Manas Maozigendri Ecotourism Society !!!!
> >I would like to bring into notice some of the issues in cobntext of the CIC’s.
> >No doubt CIC’s had been able to bridge a level of technological gap in our societies but What we feel is that its effects had been limited. They had been of help to those who knew how to use this facilities but we have ample resons to believe that its benefits did not filter down to those for whom it was targeted. It is another of those nice schemes of Govt of India which failed to reach its targets.

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Latest development on CIC’s of NE

Posted by egovindia on July 30, 2006

Original Message –

Subject: Latest development + Resolution of 4th EX Meet >

From: >

Date: Thu, July 27, 2006 12:32 pm

Dear all,

> > Soon after the 4th Ex. Meet of AACICEA at Golaghat following development was made.

> >

1. On 24/7/2006 Dhruba Jyoti Sarma, Vashkar N. Mishra, Nadir hUssain Hazarika and Debendra Hazarika met Minister for Urban and Housing, Sri Dinesg Prasad Goala. Goala Sir instantly invited us to the Assam Assembly on the very next day to meet CM and It Minister.

2. On 25/7/2006 Dhruba J.Sarma, Vashkar N Mishra, Nadir HUssain Hazarijka, Debendra Hazarika and Jawidur Rahman met IT Minister sri Himanta Biswa Sarma and discussed about us. Hon’ble IT Minister told us that Assam Govt. is concerned about us and they are planning for its existence.

3. On 25/7/2006 we again met Rubaiyat sir in his office at Panbazar and discussed about our approach that we need to develop before meeting out Hon’ble Prime Minister of India and as well as the Addl Chief Secretary to the Govt of Assam in this regard.

4. On the same day we then moved to MLA Hostel at Dispur and tried to meet few of the MLAs. But unfortunately all of them were out for a meeting at Assam Assembly. But good news is that Sri Moni Kr Subba has written to the IT dept, Govt of Assam for our regularization in his recognition Letter.

5. On 26/7/2007 Vashkar Mishra, Santanu Sarma, Debendra Hazarika, Utpal deka, Jawidur Rahman tried once more at MLA Hostel. They met Sri Bhupen Bora, Gen. Secy, APCC and discussed our issues. Sri Bora assured us that he will take up the matter with the Chief Minister of Assam

6. Mr Bashab Kalita, Secretary, All Assam Employees Association has given his consent to meet us next Friday between 3-4 PM.

> > Friends every possible effort has been made to achieve our goal. So keep doing your good work and get the Recognition Certificates from the concerned MLAs and MPs as soon as possible.

> > With regards,

> Nadir Hussain Hazarika

> Gen. Secy, AACICEA


CICs to don new name in NE

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CICs to don new name in NE

Posted by egovindia on July 30, 2006

CICs to don new name in NE

NET News Network

Aizawl Jul 14: The Northeast region which is blessed with Centre-funded Community Information Centers (CICs) will now have to learn to stand on its own two feet.

Sooner or later spoon-feeding days need to be over. D.S Mathur, Secy DIT, GOI said, “The CIC will soon be called Community Service Centers (CSCs). They will have to go the entrepreneur way and stand on their own.” In the task force meeting of the CIC held on Tuesday at Gangtok, Sikkim, the Secretary said, “Every six villages will have one CSC but will have to go the entrepreneur way.”

Sources said Mizoram now has 26 CIC units and will have an additional 10 units soon.

The question that needs an answer is how the Planning department of Mizoram would take care of these new units even as the workers have problems in receiving their salary while under the care of the Government of India. Moreover sources said that the present Deputy Secretary, IT Mizoram, did not know that the STPI units were to be set up and did not even have knowledge that the Government of Mizoram had already given consent in giving land for the STPI.

CSCs in will be privatised and tenders will be floated for this purpose. While at first the Centre had envisaged CICs to be handed over to state governments after five years of funding by the Centre, plans have now changed and CICs will be renamed CSCs while the establishments will be looked after by the highest bidder from the private sector.

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A DIO’s response and call to inspire

Posted by egovindia on July 29, 2006

Re: DIT – MIT needs to fund 487 CIC’s of NORTHEAST and pay the Salary

Re: A DIO’s response and call to inspire

Dear Dutta,
Sorry for the late response.

The CIC has to create innovative ways to engage community at different levels –
in districts and
blocks. if services such as mentioned by Dutta are provided to the community,
the community will
come up and take up the cause on the CICs behalf. This is what I have received
as personal
feedback. Again – this needs to be looked at with a positive light. Of all the
people that I know
in a few districts, nobody seemed to have heard about the CIC. Why? Because
perhaps adequate
publicity has not been made. Its possible that the CIC operators have not been
“oriented” to
involve the communities. From what I could read into the previous message, they
have been busy
with offical work such as elections data gathering, emails etc. Since its a
question of survival
of the CICs, the CIC operators have to come forward and involve the community –
maybe even
transform into North East Knowledge Assistance Centers.

This is one model that the CIC folks as well as the NIC strategy makers can look
at – the computer clubhouses can be
studied here at

There are only two center in India – Bangalore and Delhi. We should try this in
the NER.

Partha wrote:

> You need to prove CIC as a potent force ; a force to be reckoned; not to be
> ignored.
> Demostrate IT skill; develop high end applications to serve local
> needs,
> build local database & generates report for community as eye opener,
> Expose/ reap the benefits of ICT to rural people.
> Involve local youths in ICT project to bcome self employement
> Promote ICT-SHG in rural area
> involve unprecendent community services.
> sincerely
> d.dutta
> —– Original Message —–
> From: “nekib ahmed” <>
> To: <>
> Cc: <>
> Sent: Monday, June 05, 2006 4:08 PM
> Subject: Re: DIT – MIT needs to fund 487 CIC’s of NORTHEAST and pay the
> Salaries on regular basis // Re: [eGovNORTHEAST] ” MISSION NEKAC 2007 ” –
> North East KNOWLEDGE Assistance CENTERS “NEKAC”and promote !!!
> > Sir
> > Thanks for point out the CIC Operators problems and
> > needs. Your effort is really appreciatable.
> > Sir it is high time to declare a clear vision for CIC
> > and its Operators future. CICOs are working hard in
> > different segment since its inception. Last Assembly
> > Election of Assam, CIC Operators had play a majore
> > role to success its IT part. They did updated data,
> > designing forms,checking mails and informed respective
> > officers etc.
> > CIC is a now essential parat of the system, So We hope
> > government will have to take a good decision for
> > theyer favoure.
> > We also request you to giving proper guidence to the
> > Government for CIC and its Operators future.
> > Job Regularization is really needed for it. Now IT is
> > a Important Department for Government, So its people
> > should have a regular position.
> >
> > Regards
> > Nekib Ahmed
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > — egov northeast <> wrote:
> >
> > > Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies
> > > (CSDMS) is
> > > organizing a joint conference on:
> > >
> > > 1. E-Gov India (
> > > 2. Digital Learning India
> > > (
> > > 3. Indian Telecentre Forum
> > > (
> > >
> > > The event woud be held at Hotel Taj Palace, New
> > > Delhi from 23 – 25
> > > August 2006. This conference is being organized in
> > > consultation and
> > > collaboration with Ministry of Communication and
> > > Information
> > > Technology, Government of India.
> > >
> > > ABOVE collaboration is a waste of MONEY of GOI !!!
> > >
> > > Please put it to right kind of use !!!
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Ministry of Communication and Information
> > > Technology, Government of India. needs to support
> > > the 487 CIC’s and develop them INSTEAD of spending
> > >
> > > DIT-MIT needs to Support the real hardworking CIC
> > > employees of NIRTHEAST CIC centers.
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > Venkat Kumaraswamy <> wrote:
> > > eGovINDIA, eGovNORTHEAST, IndiaRTI,
> > > E KAVI,Judicial Reforms & India Whistle Blower’s
> > > Action Group
> > > Facilitating Emergence of New India:
> > > Based on Values of Transparency & Accountability,
> > > E Governance, Natural Justice, Human Rights and
> > > Human Dignity
> > >
> > >
> > > ===============================================
> > >
> > >
> > > April 2nd 2006
> > >
> > > TO: DIT and NIC, New Delhi
> > > and
> > > DONER, NEC, Resident Commissioners,
> > >
> > > This Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA. in business since
> > > 1971. Founder and Moderator of India’s largest
> > > e-governance yahoogroup under the title eGovINDIA.
> > > You can reach this group at
> > >
> > >
> > > eGovINDIA is a group dedicated to promoting true
> > > e-governance in India, consisting of members from
> > > all walks of life from within INDIA and the World
> > > over. Many State Ministers and senior bureaucrats of
> > > India are members of this group. We do have lawyers,
> > > social activists, freelance writers and journalists
> > > in the group. The group is meant for serious
> > > activists only. Casual members are not allowed to
> > > join the group. The group is also moderated by an
> > > Indian Administrative Service (IAS) Officer. As on
> > > date, the group has more than 3000 members.
> > > The focus of this group is true e-governance and
> > > use of open source technology in e-governance. The
> > > members of this forum have a passion to see a truly
> > > e-governed India, resulting in transparency and easy
> > > access to government services by the common man,
> > > notably the depressed class people (so called
> > > untouchables), women and people living in far flung
> > > and difficult areas of India.
> > >
> > >
> > > The CIC (Community Information Centre) project was
> > > started under the Ministry of Communication and
> > > Information Technology (MCIT) and was launched in
> > > August, 2002 with the help of State Government for
> > > extending ICT services to the rural people of the NE
> > > Region. The 487 CIC’s in the 8 North Eastern States
> > > including Sikkim.
> > >
> > > These 487 CIC’s can become North East Knowledge
> > > Assistance Centers “NEKAC”. This should be done to
> > > celebrate the 60th anniversary of our Independence.
> > > On this occassion please regularize the jobs of all
> > > employees working at all these CIC’s.
> > >
> > > NE Knowledge AssistanceCentre “NEKAC” has potential
> > > to assist the States and Central Government to get
> > > data from the villages. For example, the States
> > > acquire data from the village health centres and
> > > then transmit the same to government of India.
> > >
> > > Every CIC is well equipped with Good Infrastructure
> > > including one Server machine, five Client system,
> > > VSAT connectivity , two UPS (1KVA & 2KVA), one Laser
> > > Printer, one Dot Matrix Printer, one Web Camera, one
> > > TV with IRU (for video broadcasting) and are run by
> > > two Skilled Person.
> > >
> > > CICs are already there in each Block of the
> > > District with Govt. provided infrastructure and man
> > > power, the CICs can cater to the peoples need in a
> > > batter manner than an NGO and also to the
> > > Govt�s effort proper implementation of the
> > > e-governance program.
> > >
> > >
> > > These 487 CIC’s can be used to develop IT Awareness
> > > among the masses and pace with the rest of the world
> > > like other states of India such as Karnataka where
> > > the people are already getting benefits from the
> > > projects like BHOOMI. These 487 CIC’s should be a
> > > part any e-governance program of NORTHEAST and in
> > > taking each district in NORTHEAST ahead in this
> > > process and in becoming a knowledge power as
> > > envisioned in the planning commission�s INDIA
> > > VISION 2020 document. CIC’s have been providing
> > > services and facilities under following categories:-
> > >
> > > Rural Cyber Cafe.
> > >
> > > Computer Training Program
> > > Online PAN & TAN Card Services.
> > > IT support to the Government. (BPL Data Entry,
> > > Election Duty.)
> > > Distance Education.
> > > Public Oriented Service.
> > > Online Information Regarding Health, Education,
> > > Banking, Railway Reservation & Enquiry.
> > > �ASHA farmers� registration. (to
> > > facilitated versatile information of agriculture)
> > > Unemployed Youth Registration.
> > > Regular Weather Report.
> > > Public Distribution Report.
> > > Market Price Information of Agricultural
> > > Commodity.
> > > Digital Photography.
> > > Online Conference.
> > > Software and Web page Development
> > > Income Certificates for cultivators/farmers
=== message truncated ===

Partha Gogoi
Fairfax, VA

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Achievement note on 487 CIC’s of NORTHEAST and 135 CIC’s of J & K

Posted by egovindia on July 12, 2006

Prospect of ‘Information’ in rural development::: a note on CICs achievement

By Debendra Hazarika

‘Information’ is the basic need of socio-economic development of a nation.


Both centralize and decentralize government keep and use ‘information’ regarding the whole community to prepare plans and strategy to uplift the status of living in a socio-economic, socio-culture and specific development meant.

But in India the sub-continental, it is seen that about 68% of people living below poverty line (BPL) though it has completed about 58 years of independent and a democratic government is ruling on all states and its centre which implies the developmental activities is a big ZERO. It by no means that the centre didn’t implemented any schemes, plans and policies yet. The Centre already executed the few Yearly and five Year plan where spent millions of crores of its revenues. Expenditure on development fund day-by-day increasing but the growth is lacking behind. It indicates wide drawbacks in preparation & execution of schemes, plans and policies.


‘Father of nation’ Mahatma Gandhi felt that without involvement of people from grassroots level the policies might be defective. He repeated the fact of rural development in concern to the nation’s growth. The result was the TRUE*** Panchayati Raj Institution later became the indispensable part of the Government.


In India the sub-continental among more that hundred crores of population, a few politically adopted ruler can’t be prepared proper policies, plan and schemes to cover all the people of different caste-religion and languages. Another most distinctive cause is geographical dissimilarity.


Due to geographical dissimilarity, lack of knowledge, transparency in government policies the people from grassroots level unable to involve government activities directly and policy maker also not aware about the local needs sometimes. That is one of the causes of failure of government policies.


Now a day, the modern day technology IT which is also extended to the both government and non-government activities enable rapid socio-economic development and bring the area closer to the national mainstream. There are three views on ‘Data’ by various body is stated as 1) ‘Data’ is public asst 2) ‘Data’ is private asset and 3) ‘Data’ is none an asset.


If we consider the ‘Data’ is a public asset view the idea of implementing project Community Information Centre (CIC) was a right decision by the then Vajpayee lead NDA government. The objectives and services by CICs definitely achieves the goal of increasing knowledge of rural community, involvement of various socio-economic activities and the public exchanging their views through IT tools directly or indirectly. IT is the sexy and tangible way of storage and accessing of information. In this process ‘information’ can be accessed repeatedly without any loose. The CIC project may be considered under ‘Data’ public asset view. The CICs will not only facilitate the region to avail the benefits of global connectivity through Internet, but it will also bring the region closer to national mainstream by enabling more efficient and fastest information flow amongst the people other state governments and the central government. The It infrastructure set up at CICs assisted the concern state governments to plan IT-based citizen-centric applications (e-Governance) making government services available through the CICs. Tremendously CICs changed the IT arena in the blocks of North-Eastern States and Jammu & Kashmir.

Presently, a question arises concern to the permanent existence of CICs beyond 2007 as the funding to the project by Ministry of Communication & Information Technology will ended on 2007. The Union government mentioned in the MoU to hand over the CICs to the concern states government. But still the states governments to prepare policies to adopt the project bring the permanent shape. It demoralizes the 1244 number of employees in 622 CICs including 135 nos CICs in J&K regarding their future prospect.


I appealed on behalf of all the 1244 CIC Operators, families and greater rural communities to continue funding by MCIT to CICs make a permanent shape. The DIT also may consider to re-structure CICs as a block level NIC unit under the same ministry and they share fund with the other rural development departments like Panchayat, Rural development, MoNERD, Humar resource developments etc….


The arguments of exist permanent existence of CICs is –


1) CIC is only the public (government) run ICT infrastructure in block area.

2) It helps concern state government’s works to prepare plan & policies.

3) It is is the only knowledge based platform for all group of rural communities.

4) Through this CICs public involves in all governments activities either directly or indirectly.

5) CICs extending computer literacy to the various groups of rural community in a ease mode.

6) The cost-effective services in CICs helping the poor rural people to test the test of IT.

7) Helping rural poor people by its e-services like e-marketing, e-share trading, weather information, News, job portals, e-ticketing and other web enabled services to uplift their economic conditions.

8) Directly 1244 nos. of family getting employment support from government and indirectly CIC’s may assist to more than 5-10 lacs of educated youth as well as livelihoods to set up their own business model.

9) CICs and its manpower may be uses in all developmental activities of the nations.

10) As the SWAN will be implemented in every sub-division HQ and state HQ CICs also may keep closer to it. CICs may be utilized by government in the single window systems of e-governance.

11) The dream of Rajiv Gandhi to netting North-Eastern states by modern technology will be transferred into reality if CICs become block IT hub in NE states.

This is hereby request to the concern authority to implement more and more ICT enabled services in CICs and extend the infrastructures to other states of the nations. So that, India become IT super power and substantial development will be swifter.


The Union government should continue funding for CICs and support CICs to permanent existence. The traditional blame of negligence for N-E states by centre is as old as its independence. So, centre should deeply consider this emotional matter for the human resource engaged in it and the future of communities of greater backward area. Because no one can denied that ICT is only the tool for rapid over all growth of a civilized community.


Tip: TRUE= yet to test the actual Gandhian Panchayati Raj services in India.

Debendra Hazarika, DETE, MISTE (Ex), PGDIT

CIC Telahi, Lakhimpur

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NE failed on tourism projects: Soni //

Posted by egovindia on July 4, 2006

NE failed on tourism projects: Soni
By a Staff Reporter
GUWAHATI, July 3: The north-eastern States have so far failed to avail the opportunities of some Centrally-sponsored schemes for promoting tourism in the region. This was stated by Ambika Soni, Union Minister for Tourism and Culture, while inaugurating a meeting to review issues relating to tourism and culture in the region here today.
The meeting, first of its kind in the region, was attended among others by ministers and top officials of Tourism and Culture from the Centre and the north-eastern States. “The UPA Government has laid special emphasis on overall development and employment generation in the north-eastern region,” the Union Minister said.
She, however, said that the States of the region had failed to take the opportunities under some special Central schemes for promoting tourism. One such scheme, according to the Union Minister, is the ‘Big Budget Scheme,’ under which the Centre provides up to Rs 30 crore.

Similarly, according to Soni, the opportunities under the scheme to encourage ‘budget hotels’ around tourist spots in the region have not been properly availed yet. Under the scheme, the Union Ministry for Tourism provides 10 per cent subsidy up to Rs 75 lakh to private parties for the setting up of three-star hotels.
The Union Minister said that the Centre had so far sanctioned Rs 270 crore for development of tourism in the North-east by the UPA Government at the Centre. According to her, the share of tourism from the total amount coming to the region in the form of 10 per cent spending of the Budgets of all the Central Government’s departments for the North-east is Rs 83 crore. The amount might be increased to Rs 100 crore if the States of the region could submit viable projects, she added.
Soni has sought status reports of various projects sanctioned during the Ninth and the Tenth Plans. “I would like to know what new inputs you want to give in this meeting for promoting campaign to boost tourism in this part of the world at national and international level,” she said.
Issues relating to restricted area permit and inner-line permit in the North-east were among the key agendas of the meeting. The meeting also discussed the 2,550th anniversary of Mahanirvana of Lord Buddha, cultural festivals of the North-east and constitution of the proposed North-east Tourism Development Fund. Soni said that her ministry had decided to organize an ‘Octave’ cultural festival, which took place in New Delhi recently, every year to showcase the rich cultural heritage of the eight north-eastern States.

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Rs 200 cr for NE tourism, culture – [FOR 487 CIC’s what ? First stabilize employment by funding 487 CIC’s]

Posted by egovindia on July 4, 2006

Rs 200 cr for NE tourism, culture

Union Minister for Tourism and Culture Ambika Soni addressing the conference at Guwhati on Monday. — AT Photo

GUWAHATI, July 3 – The budget allocation for tourism in the Northeast can be increased to Rs 100 crore from the existing Rs 83 crore if viable projects are submitted by the State governments of the region, Union Minister of Tourism and Culture Ambika Soni said today, reports PTI. “The budget allocation for Northeast comes to Rs 83 crore but this can be hiked if viable project proposals are received as the UPA government has laid special emphasis on tourism for employment generation”, Soni said while addressing a review meeting of Northeast tourism and cultural ministers, including Sikkim, here.

The Northeast has a lot of scope for development in adventure sports, wildlife, tea and eco-tourism and the Centre plans to launch projects worth Rs 200 crore in the region to promote it as a key destination for tourists.

“The Centre will not hesitate to release at the earliest Rs 20 to Rs 25 crore if project proposals submitted by the eight states justify the budget allocation”, she said.

The minister lamented that none of the eight states have come forward to implement the scheme wherein the Centre provides 10 per cent of the total cost of construction of three state hotels in the region.

She said that there was a proposal for constituting a Northeast Tourism Development Fund and discussions in this regard were on.

Soni further said that the Centre has given impetus to increase the flow of domestic tourist to the Northeast and has taken several initiatives in this regard.

The Northeast Cultural Festivals, which were celebrated only in the region, will henceforth be taken to other parts of the country in a bid to increase domestic tourism.

The Centre also provides Rs 30 lakh for the celebration of local cultural festivals to give them a boost and encourage tourists to visit the region during the festivals.

She said that the 2558th anniversary of Lord Buddha’s Mahaparinirvana will be celebrated in a grand manner and a committee has been constituted with the Prime Minister as its chairman.

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Letter Dated November 10th, 2005: World Bank focuses on North East. What happened on this ? World Bank has funded for development of NORTHEAST.

Posted by egovindia on July 4, 2006

 Letter Dated November 10th, 2005: World Bank focuses on North East. What happened on this ? World Bank has funded for development of NORTHEAST.

Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 11:51:16 -0800 (PST)
From: “Venkatappa Kumaraswamy” <

Subject: World Bank focuses on North East ( all 487 NORTHEAST CIC’s input needs to be taken)
To: “eGovINDIA Group” <>

World Bank focuses on North East
Guwahati | November 10, 2005 11:39:55 AM IST

Pressurised by Union Government, the World Bank has agreed in principle to give thrust on the infrastructure development of the North East and is currently scanning scope for sustainable intervention.

A five-member World Bank team led by Ms Karin Kemper is in Guwahati meeting the stakeholders, who are mainly the various government agencies of the North East region, to find out the suitable path of intervention.

“We are meeting stake holders as well as potential programmed partner but this is not a pre-investment meeting,” said Ms Kemper.

On behalf of the Union Government, the Ministry of Department of North Eastern region (DONER) has taken the lead to get the World Bank team here to meet the possible stakeholders.

High powerful team of all the seven states are meeting the World Bank team and possible intervention areas are being discussed.

Talking to newsmen, the World Bank team informed that the focus of the study is water and forest.

“The water includes from hydro power to erosion management to inland water. Similarly anything related to forest are being covered. The study will also include political-institutional framework dealing with their management,” she said.

The objective of the study is developing a framework to identify and prioritise high return investment in physical and institutional infrastructure, taking into account development options.

The other objective is to identify institutional reforms for more effective development and management of the region’s water and forest resources and finally to create a platform for interaction with the stakeholders.

In the water sector, the World Bank is interested in improvement of the base conditions for development through investment in power for industrial development, flood infrastructure and management, erosion management, watershed management, groundwater development, wetland preservation and inland water transportation.

Similarly in the forest management, the World Bank investment will be in the improvement of forest productivity for community driven subsistence and commercial activities, maintenance of bio-diversity for income generating activities and watershed management as well as reforestation erosion control.

The World Bank has so far in the NE invested $ 376 million dollar, which is actually just three per cent of the total investment in the NE. Of that lion’s share had gone to Assam which has $166 million followed by Mizoram which has got $69.4 million, says Mandakini Paul from the World Bank.


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